Buying February 25, 2019

Closing Time!

Couple being handed keys

Congratulations, it’s time to close on your new home! The closing time and location will be provided to you, by your realtor, a few days (or sooner if need be) in advance. At closing, you will need to bring your drivers license. Any other required documents will be provided by your title company, realtor or lender.

Closing is a great time to ask the seller any final questions – when is trash day? Where is the bus stop? What’s the garage code? Etc.

Closing generally takes about an hour.  If it is a cash deal, it could be as little as thirty minutes! Make sure you’ve taken plenty of time off work and have given yourself a cushion between closing and the time the movers are showing up!

Last, but certainly not least, the keys will be handed over and you will officially own your new home!