Buying February 25, 2019

Schedule Showings

Bedroom with bed, fan, blue walls

Now that you’ve picked out the homes you want to see in person, your realtor will begin scheduling showings. Generally speaking, it is customary to provide the seller with at least 24 hours’ notice to view a home. They may also have other limitations on showings, but we will do our best to work around those.

Here are some other helpful hints for when you are looking at houses.

*Wear easy to remove shoes. Some sellers will ask that you take your shoes off or wear footies to protect their floors.

*We always try to do showings during the daylight hours, but if you are looking in the winter, this might not be as easy to accommodate. If the amount of light in a home is important to you, please make sure your realtor is aware.

*Wear weather appropriate clothes and specifically shoes. The grounds might be muddy, snowy, etc. If the home is vacant, it might not be well maintained.

*Don’t assume utilities are turned on. And do not use the bathroom without confirming.

*While a well decorated home is certainly more appealing, try to focus on the details beyond the decorations. The decorations and the furniture won’t be there when you move in. The countertops, walls and floors will be.

*If you bring your children with you, please let them know that the toys are not theirs to play with. You are in someone else’s home and should plan to be careful with their belongings. If something were to break, you would be responsible.

As soon as all of your showings have been confirmed, your realtor will let you know a time and meeting location! Have fun!