Buying May 29, 2019


Cautious Home Buyer

When buying your first home, there is a lot of new information you’re going to have to start diving into. This doesn’t mean that you are making poor decisions or that you can’t be educated on the subject, every homeowner has been in that position at some point in their lives! The important thing to do is stay calm, and simply start researching who your going to have represent you in this process. A REALTOR® will be your best resource when buying or selling. They are your advocate and will guide you along every step. Take the time to find someone who will understand your unique situation and have your best interests in mind.

There are 5 very common fears people face when buying homes. As long as you are aware of the different circumstances you could face, these fears can turn into a powerful tool to help you make an offer on a perfectly safe, and potentially profitable property.

  1. Credit Score

Credit score can be a frightening subject for a lot of people, especially with commercials always telling you that if you dare to check your score, that it will be lowered. There is nothing wrong with having low or even ZERO credit, it can always be improved. Take a look at your finances and get a good grasp on where all of your spending goes, if you don’t have a credit card, get one. There are plenty of banks that offer credit cards that are designed to help people build credit. As long as you are making payments on time and spending responsibly, you have nothing to fear.

  1. Home Maintenance

Now you’ve started looking into homes, and had you’re first home inspection, that’s great! Unfortunately, the home inspection came back with a huge list of repairs that are going to need to be done. Don’t fear this, go through it and think practically about how much of it could you really do on your own? We live in the era of doing it yourself, there are limitless resources online to help with all kinds of home repair. That’s not to say to start handling all the electrical work after watching a 5-minute video on YouTube. Stay safe and hire professionals when necessary. As far as you’re bathroom remodel goes though, YOU CAN DO IT.

  1. Find a good mortgage lender 

Find a company that works best for you, don’t jump on the first one that makes you an offer. You should treat this phase delicately because it will determine a lot about the homes that you will be looking at, it could arguably be the most important step in buying a home!

  1. Keeping up with the mortgage 

Being “home-poor” is an unfortunate situation that plenty of buyers can find themselves in. This can be prevented in the initial phases of things though, look at homes with your finances in mind, consider homes in low crime area. Consider homes that you can not only afford the mortgage but will be able to make more than the required payments so you can pay the house off faster. Buy a home that you can put your love into and improve it, so when it comes time to sell, you can sell for more than you bought it for. Staying on top of your finances is key when getting yourself a mortgage on a home!

  1. Be satisfied with your purchase

You’ve written a huge check, it’s natural for that to feel nauseating. Don’t doubt yourself now though, if you’ve done your research on the neighborhoods, the traffic, the home’s value, and have your head wrapped around your finances, you have nothing to be worried about. Stay confident with yourself, if you’ve taken each step of the process seriously and asked plenty of questions, there is nothing to fear! ENJOY YOUR NEW HOME!


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