Homeowner June 12, 2019

Lessons Learned From Having a Yard for the First Time


Caring for a Lawn for the First Time

Any new homebuyers out there with a lawn to take care of for the first time? I know what you are thinking…green grass, flowers, trees, oh my! All the thoughts that come to mind when thinking of taking care of a lawn. However, many don’t think about what actually goes into lawn care, from weeding to choosing the right fertilizer to understanding the proper mowing technique. And, the money – maintaining a yard can get expensive.  The good news? It is doable! However, it takes some education and understanding of the expectations.

So, if you too are dreaming of owning a home with a yard, or maybe already do, here are some tips from the pros.

  1. Knowledge is necessary
    1. You cannot just throw down any grass seed – you have to pick the right grass seed for your soil. How do you know? Pick up a soil-testing kit at your local gardening center. The staff there should be able to guide you on needed amendments once you know the details.
  2. Maintaining a lawn requires more than mowing
    1. Even if your lawn starts out in good shape, you’ll have to juggle a lot of weekly tasks to keep it that way.
  3. Law equipment can get expensive
    1. Each lawn maintenance task requires specialized equipment
  4. Get professional help

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