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8 Important Summer Home Improvement Tasks






Summer is officially here! Which means summer barbecues, pool parties, summer vacations and so much. But before you go into full summer mode, don’t forget these important home maintenance tasks to help keep your home in shape all summer long. See below for tips provided by


  1. Maintain your refrigerator
    1. To keep your refrigerator running efficiently in these hot months, you’ll want to vacuum and clean the condenser coils, defrost the freezer, and clean the seals around the door.
  2. Keep expanding wood from causing cracks
    1. Inspect the seals around your windows, roof, door frames, vents, ducts, and outdoor faucets, and take note of any cracking. Call in the pros:If the rim around your doors or windows looks screwy, an expert can fix the problem. Expect to pay about $160 to fix an exterior door, depending on the severity of the damage.
  3. Bust out the power or pressure washer
    1. Months of harsh weather have probably left your siding and hardscaping looking a little dingy. A power washer can do wonders!
  4. Give your washing machine a break
    1. Just like your fridge, your washing machine deserves some TLC during summer—especially if you have kids. All of those dirty sports jerseys and mud-soaked pants give the machine a serious workout. Check your hoses for leaks, and clean your lint filter, too.
  5. Declutter your lawn
    1. Scan your yard: Do you have any tall piles of wood, or uncleared corners of brush? “Bugs and other pests make a resurgence as the weather gets warmer,” Ricks says. These areas “provide pests cool, dark places to escape the heat.” Clear them immediately!
  6. Wash your window screens
  7. Reseal your deck
    1. Ready to host summer barbecues? Make sure your deck is ready, too.
  8. …and don’t forget your driveway
    1. To start, give your driveway a good power wash. Once it’s dry, fill in any cracks or holes with asphalt filler. Then give the whole driveway a fresh coat of sealant.

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