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I hate painting.  No, I’m not talking about Picasso’s “Guernica” or Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”.  I’m talking about being up on a ladder in the baking sun painting one of four sides of my house.  It’s tedious, expensive, and can be difficult.  But in reaction to this article, it’s extremely important.

I still have PTSD from that one magical summer my dad decided that the family can save a bundle by painting our own house rather than hiring out.  So my brother, sister and I all got our own brushes and were put to work whenever we made eye contact with my Dad during summer vacation.  Yeah my allowance increased, but it just. Wasn’t. Worth. It.

HomeAdvisor.com says that not only is painting a house critical in a home’s appearance, but it also serves as primary lines of defense against weather and bugs.  A fresh coat of paint is a no-brainer in home renovation.  But before you make the commitment you want to make sure you’re painting a color that’ll look good for the foreseeable future!

The best thing to do at this point is learn from others.  Drive around your community really analyzing your neighbors’ exterior paint.  Learn from what you hate just as much as learning from what you like.  Then get a free sample and paint a section of the house to test it out.  Let it get weathered, look at it at all hours of the day.  Once you’ve decided, get painting!

Painting is a tough job, but the reward far outweighs the labor.  A fresh coat of paint can revitalize the entire look of a home.  The right paint job can accentuate a home’s best features and take years off the home’s life, making your home the envy of the community.

For more information, read the article here.

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