Homeowner October 14, 2019

12 Tasks to Tackle this Fall

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Fall is finally here!  Now’s the time to finish up any pre-winter maintenance and get your home and yard ready for those cold months ahead.

Follow these 12 tasks to get your home clean, warm and cozy!

  1. Fix cracks in concrete and asphalt
  2. Clean out the gutters
  3. Turn off outdoor plumbing
  4. Start composting
    1. All those leaves will bring you gardening gold next summer!
  5. Clean outdoor furniture and gardening tools
  6. Plant bulbs for spring-blooming flowers
  7. Prepare your furnace for winter duty
    1. Consider getting your furnace professionally serviced in time for the cold season.
  8. Clean the fireplace chimney
  9. Keep the warm air inside and the cold air outside
    1. Check your windows and doors and re-caulk if needed.
  10. Light the way
    1. Bring as much natural light into your home as you can. To accentuate, clean your windows and blinds.
  11. Create a mudroom
    1. Even if you don’t have a dedicated room, now is the time to organize an entryway that will serve as a mudroom for the cold and wet weather.
  12. Home safety check
    1. Replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors. Create a family fire escape plan.

Now that you have done all the work – sit back and enjoy this season in your warm, comfortable, safe home!


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