Homeowner December 23, 2019


Snowy houses

It’s always exciting to see the first snowfall of the season, we’re approaching that time rapidly. That means it’s time for snow days, sledding, and LOTS of hot chocolate. Did you know that snow doesn’t always have a good impact on things? It can damage roads, create power-outages, and be harmful to your home. Here are just a couple ways snow is damaging and what you can do to prevent help.

Snow Can Overload Your Roof

It takes about 4 feet of fresh snow to create stress on your roof, that may seem like an unlikely amount, but with todays unpredictable weather patterns you can’t be too sure! It’s best practice to have your roof inspected by a professional well before Winter has arrived, but it’s upon us, there isn’t a lot of time to get an inspector out. If you’re worried about it invest in a telescoping pole to rake snow off your roof to keep the stress low, or you can always hire a contractor if it’s gotten serious.

Ice Dams will hurt roof and your gutters

Hanging icicles are beautiful, but they are a sign that water is accumulating in your gutters and can form what is called an ice dam, this is exactly what it sounds like and will create blockage in your drains. Using a large rake pole for your roof, like in the previous paragraph, can be a great preventative measure to this as it will keep the majority of snow off your roof, minimizing the amount of water reaching your gutters to later freeze.

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