Homeowner April 23, 2020

How to get rid of ants (and keep them away)!



We have an ant problem. They’re surrounding Sparky’s food. They keep crawling in it and he won’t eat. They’re very small and hard to see. And’ it’s been frustrating cleaning them up, time and time again. And regular ant traps have peanut butter in them. A peanut butter ant trap next to a dog’s food bowl is not a great combination. This article from Food.NDTV.com provide some items you may already have on hand that will be effective in getting rid of ants and keeping them away –

  1. Chalk
  2. Pepper
  3. Salt
  4. White Vinegar
  5. Cinnamon
  6. Oranges
  7. Lemons
  8. Peppermint

The irony here is the display of ants’ appetite. They’ll risk their lives for a discarded Blow Pop (or dog food), but don’t want anything to do with oranges and lemons. Food is what attracts them as well as repels them… just depends on the type of food.

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