Homeowner June 28, 2020

Simple Garage Storage Solutions

It’s easy for a garage to get cluttered, everything that doesn’t store well ends up in your garage with all your large bulky tools. This gets to be a problem when you can’t even use your garage to do all your fun summer projects. There is hope for you yet though, with some planning, and creative use of space you can get your garage back to it’s former glory, and with a little luck, maybe you can park your car in there too!



Vertical storage is key, especially when you have several shovels, rakes, trimmers, etc. It’s easiest to figure out by laying all your tools on the ground and finding the most space efficient way the can sit next to each other, then just put a board up on the wall and hang away! We got ours organized with just a couple of wood boards and screws and it looks great!



With seasonal tools, and you rarely use, there’s no sense in storing those things in your commonspace with everything else. If you have some patience and planning you can easily build a shelf high up in your garage above the garage door. This space is always going to be occupied to the door so you may as well use some of the space above it! Just be sure to add create enough support for the shelf depending on how much weight it will need to hold, a tall beam running to the ceiling is a good way to make sure you’re distributing the load.



Getting a peg board is a very affordable way to clean out tool boxes and drawers. This allows you to get rid of bulky unnecessary tool boxes and free drawers up for better storage, they can even look pretty nice if you take your time laying the tools out!


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