Buying July 8, 2020


After over a year and half of looking, we found it! We found the home that we love, made an offer and the offer was accepted. Next came the inspections and appraisal…check and check. Our final to-do before closing is the final walk through. I understand that the goal of the walk through is to ensure the property’s condition hasn’t changed since our last visit and that the repairs have been made to satisfy the terms of our contract. But, what exactly do I need to look for?

Unsure of what to expect I did some “googling” and came across this Zillow article. Below is the checklist they suggest:

1. A final walk-through isn’t a home inspection. You’ve already done that by now (or should have).

2. Take your contract with you. You might need to refer to it while on site.

3. In many markets, the buyers and sellers never actually meet in person. But if everyone is agreeable to the idea, perform the final walk-through in the seller’s presence. He or she knows the home better than anyone else and should be able to answer your questions and provide some color on the history of the home.

4. If the home is vacant, it’s even more important to do a final walk-through. Since your last visit, for instance, someone might have left a faucet dripping, inadvertently causing water damage.

5. Take along a checklist of things to do during the final walk-through, including:

6. Check the exterior of the home, especially if there have been strong wind or rain storms since your last visit.

7. Turn all light fixtures on and off.

8. Make sure the seller hasn’t removed any fixtures, such as chandeliers, that he or she agreed to leave behind.

9. Check all major appliances.

10. Turn heat and/or air conditioning on and off.

For more, visit here.

Thanks MIBOR for the great article!