Homeowner August 7, 2020


The room falls quiet.  Emotions run high.  SOMEONE has spilled something onto the carpet.  Your carpet.  Panic ensues.  Guilt.  Blame.  Frustration.  After the drama clears the room, you, the homeowner/carpet owner, needs to do what you can to remove that stain from your beloved carpet.

Thanks to this article from Popular Mechanics, I can provide you with a few approaches to help you keep your carpet spotless.

  • Club Soda. Of course! Over the course of my life, club soda has a played a larger role as a cleaning product than a beverage.  Pour club soda on the satin and blot it.  If the stain appears to lighten, rinse and repeat.
  • Shaving Cream. Now we’re getting weird.   Make the room react “ohhhh, I didn’t know you could that”.  Basic shaving cream is reputable to remove most stains.  Apply it and wait for it to set, blot it with a dry white cloth.  Finish the process with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water.
  • Dish Soap. This one makes sense when you think about: dish soap is designed to remove grease.  Well, you got a greasy stain?  Hit it with the product designed to remove grease!  Place a few drops of the dish soap into a cup of warm water.  Mix it and put it into a spray bottle.  Spray and blot (hidden reward of writing this blog- how many types I’ve gotten to type the word “blot”)

Accidents happen.  Now’s the not the time for accusations, now’s the time for solutions.  Your nephew spills nacho cheese all over your carpet.  A sad waste of precious nacho cheese and an attack on the appearance of your carpet.  Apply these remedies and blot, blot, blot!  Read more approaches to remove stains here.