Homeowner August 7, 2020


Man, it’s hot outside.  The type of heat where it feels like you have a thick blanket thrown on you the second you step into the sun.  The type of heat that immediately sends you into a sweat to cool off.  So let’s try to imagine what our lawns are going through.  I’m not a grass-ology science guy, but I don’t think our lawns have to ability to “sweat” or cool themselves down.  They just take the blistering sun all day, everyday.

Our lawns are holding on by a thread.  Losing their color and vitality.  This article from Patuxent Nursery provides us with some tips to salvage your lawn during the dog days of summer.

Of course, watering is a no-brainer.  Your lawn’s thirsty, so give it a drink.  If you see the forecast and rain isn’t coming anytime soon, water your lawn in the morning, between 6am – 10am.  This practice will help avoid peak evaporation during the day.

Keep your grass longer.  Longer grass will allow for the establishment of longer roots, which can reach more moisture in the soil.  You may be thinking that means you have to mow more frequently, but your grass won’t be growing as quickly during such desperate times.

Aerate your lawn.  Your lawn needs to “breathe”.  Aerating it will also increase your lawn’s ability to absorb more water.

You’re putting on sunscreen, drinking more water, and dressing lighter to stay healthy during this scorching summer, your lawn should be making adjustments too!  Learn more approaches you can take with your lawn to keep it healthy this summer here.