HomeownerSelling August 17, 2020



Caulk often cracks during the first year of a house’s life, due to the house drying out and settling. Unsightly cracks in the caulk aren’t just ugly, they can lead to leakage too. Once a house has settled, caulk cracks should appear much less often and with much less severity… but we live in the Midwest and houses here typically contract and expand with the seasons, so you may need to do ongoing maintenance in regard to the caulking in your home. Luckily, fixing caulk is a relatively quick and easy task that can enhance the look of your home. Here are some quick tips to make your caulking project a breeze:

1. Choose the right caulk and dispenser
2. Remove old caulk and clean the surface
3. Tape off surfaces
4. Apply the caulk
5. Smooth the joint
6. Remove the tape

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