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Carpet. What separates us from the animals. There’s an aura of civilized living to a carpeted room. A warmth. Though wood-flooring maybe have become a more popular flooring option, you still probably prefer carpet in certain rooms like a bedroom or personal office. It’s just cozier.

But not all carpets are the same. Going from this article from DIY Network, you can break carpets into two different types: loop pile and cut pile.

Loop pile means the fibers are bent into little loops. It’s durable and stain resistant. Ideal for a spot in the house with high foot-traffic.

Cut pile carpets cut the yarn tips so there aren’t any loops. These carpets tend to be denser and softer.

You can dig deeper into the different types of both loop and cut pile, but here’s my suggestion: consider the type of room you’re carpeting. If it’s your bonus room or basement where there will be lots of foot traffic and more likely for spills, then you’re better off looking at loop pile. If the room is the opposite: low traffic and lesslikely to messy, such as a personal office, then go with cut pile.

Carpet will always be an option in our homes. It provides a comfy atmosphere. So that’s decided. Now you just want to make sure you’re picking the best carpet for your home. Read more about the types of carpet here.