Homeowner March 15, 2021

What Not To Pour Down Your Drain

Clogged Sink

Am I the only one who finds the drain in the sink satisfying? You do a mountain of dishes. You’re scrubbing, applying water, getting the dishes clean. Then, thanks to our hero drain, all the gross stuff, soap and water magically disappears into the drain.

However, all things have their limits, and your drain is no exception. Thanks to this article from The Spruce, here are some items you should never pour down your drain-

  • Coffee grounds
  • Cooking grease and oils
  • Rice and grains
  • Eggshells
  • Doughs and batters
  • Paint
  • Hazardous chemicals and pesticides
  • Flushable and non-flushable wipes
  • Kitty litter
  • Prescription medications

These items, for the most part, will cause a clog in your sink or tub. Mainly because they won’t dissolve as quickly or at all in your drain, thus creating a physical obstruction. These items can also do damage that isn’t immediately evident but pollutes our water supplies- looking at you prescription medications and chemicals.

The best way to combat clogs is to keep things from clogging in the first place. Let your drain do its job by keeping things that don’t belong out of it!

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