Homeowner What Not To Pour Down Your Drain Am I the only one who finds the drain in the sink satisfying? You do a mountain of dishes. You’re scrubbing, applying water, getting the dishes clean. Then, thanks to our hero drain, all the gross stuff, soap and water magically disappears into the drain. However, all things have their limits, and your drain is […]
Homeowner How to keep your kids toys from taking over I have threatened throwing all of my kids’ toys away, threatened to donate them and threatened that Santa was not bringing any new toys. Toys have taken over my house and especially as having them home all day, it seems it is much worse. If you are in this same boat, perhaps you will find […]
Buying THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CARPET Carpet. What separates us from the animals. There’s an aura of civilized living to a carpeted room. A warmth. Though wood-flooring maybe have become a more popular flooring option, you still probably prefer carpet in certain rooms like a bedroom or personal office. It’s just cozier. But not all carpets are the same. Going from […]
Homeowner CAULKING LIKE A PRO Caulk often cracks during the first year of a house’s life, due to the house drying out and settling. Unsightly cracks in the caulk aren’t just ugly, they can lead to leakage too. Once a house has settled, caulk cracks should appear much less often and with much less severity… but we live in the […]
Homeowner BEST WAYS TO KEEP YOUR CARPET SPOTLESS The room falls quiet.  Emotions run high.  SOMEONE has spilled something onto the carpet.  Your carpet.  Panic ensues.  Guilt.  Blame.  Frustration.  After the drama clears the room, you, the homeowner/carpet owner, needs to do what you can to remove that stain from your beloved carpet. Thanks to this article from Popular Mechanics, I can provide […]
Homeowner HOW TO KEEP A HEALTHY LAWN DURING THE HOT, DRY SUMMER Man, it’s hot outside.  The type of heat where it feels like you have a thick blanket thrown on you the second you step into the sun.  The type of heat that immediately sends you into a sweat to cool off.  So let’s try to imagine what our lawns are going through.  I’m not a […]
Homeowner Simple Garage Storage Solutions It’s easy for a garage to get cluttered, everything that doesn’t store well ends up in your garage with all your large bulky tools. This gets to be a problem when you can’t even use your garage to do all your fun summer projects. There is hope for you yet though, with some planning, and […]
Homeowner 14 ITEMS THAT WILL MAKE MOVING DAY GO SMOOTHLY My husband and I just bought a new home and sold our current. We are moving! Now that the excitement has worn off, it is time to get packing. As I think through packing and how I will get five years into a truck, I am also thinking through what moving day will look like. […]
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Homeowner 5 Quick Organizational Projects   We’ve been home for a little over a month now and while we would have loved to take on organizing every crevice inside of our homes, things have been busy! So what’s a person to do?  We prioritized a few areas in our home and it has made such a big difference! So, if […]
Homeowner How to get rid of ants (and keep them away)!   We have an ant problem. They’re surrounding Sparky’s food. They keep crawling in it and he won’t eat. They’re very small and hard to see. And’ it’s been frustrating cleaning them up, time and time again. And regular ant traps have peanut butter in them. A peanut butter ant trap next to a dog’s […]
Buying How to buy and sell a home at the same time   We all believe buying a home for the first time is the hardest thing until we have to buy and sell at the same time! If you’re looking to graduate from first-timer to repeat buyer, you know things are about to get much trickier. Unless you’re a bona fide house collector, you’ll have to sell your home […]
Homeowner YOUR HOME AND SNOW ARE NOT FRIENDS It’s always exciting to see the first snowfall of the season, we’re approaching that time rapidly. That means it’s time for snow days, sledding, and LOTS of hot chocolate. Did you know that snow doesn’t always have a good impact on things? It can damage roads, create power-outages, and be harmful to your home. Here […]
Homeowner WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO RAKE YOUR LEAVES I’m just going to go right into it- MUST WE PICK UP OUR DEAD LEAVES?  Who is the authority on this?  Mother nature?  Jeff and Becky from across the street?  Tradition?  On surface level, it seems like an unnecessary chore of yesteryear- like ironing bedsheets (yep- that’s totally a thing).  So, let’s dig in and […]
Homeowner 12 Tasks to Tackle this Fall Fall is finally here!  Now’s the time to finish up any pre-winter maintenance and get your home and yard ready for those cold months ahead. Follow these 12 tasks to get your home clean, warm and cozy! Fix cracks in concrete and asphalt Clean out the gutters Turn off outdoor plumbing Start composting All those […]
Homeowner 5 QUICK TIPS FOR DAZZLING CURB APPEAL Take a good look at your home’s exterior. Does it give the first impression you want to make? What could you do better to improve the look — and maybe value — of your property? Whether you’re planning to sell your home or you just want to make it more inviting, one of the best […]
Homeowner ONE MONTH TO A CLUTTER-FREE HOME   If your plan is to de-clutter your home before listing it for sale, or just to live a simpler and more minimal lifestyle here is a plan to help get you there! Days 1-5: The Warm Up We’re going to ease into it. Start with these simple, refreshing fixes and you’ll crave a major […]
Buying 13 VISUAL TRICKS HOME STAGERS ARE PLAYING ON YOU In today’s ultracompetitive real estate market, it’s said that potential buyers make up their minds within seconds of stepping inside a home. That’s why an ever-growing number of sellers turn to professional home stagers—whose services, some say, can add instant appeal and even sell a house up to 40 days faster. Their secret? An arsenal […]
Homeowner IT’S TIME TO CLEAN YOUR GARAGE   A garage is one of the easiest spaces in your home to let get unorganized and messy, one day you’ll walk in and wonder how it all happened. Take a second, breathe, and commit yourself to fixing this, it doesn’t have to be hard! First, you need to completely take everything that isn’t nailed […]
Homeowner THE IMPORTANCE OF EXTERIOR PAINTING I hate painting.  No, I’m not talking about Picasso’s “Guernica” or Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”.  I’m talking about being up on a ladder in the baking sun painting one of four sides of my house.  It’s tedious, expensive, and can be difficult.  But in reaction to this article, it’s extremely important. I still […]
Homeowner WHAT TO CONSIDER BEFORE FINISHING YOUR ATTIC Your attic is a dark and dusty area of the house that is used by most of us for storage. This area of the house can be so much more though! There’s a lot to take into consideration before renovating your attic into a liveable space so you better be prepared! Clearance First, you’re going […]