Buying 8 Important Summer Home Improvement Tasks           Maintain your refrigerator To keep your refrigerator running efficiently in these hot months, you’ll want to vacuum and clean the condenser coils, defrost the freezer, and clean the seals around the door. Keep expanding wood from causing cracks Inspect the seals around your windows, roof, door frames, vents, ducts, and […]
Homeowner How to Prevent Water Damage to your Home Did you know that when 1″ of rain falls on a 2,000 square foot roof, 1,250 gallons of water pours from the roof? That’s a ton of water. Actually, that’s five tons of water. Now we claim no special expertise in math, but this is a pretty simple calculation – if the home has four downspouts, there […]
Homeowner Lessons Learned From Having a Yard for the First Time Caring for a Lawn for the First Time Any new homebuyers out there with a lawn to take care of for the first time? I know what you are thinking…green grass, flowers, trees, oh my! All the thoughts that come to mind when thinking of taking care of a lawn. However, many don’t think about […]
Buying Tax Exemptions Other than how and when to make your mortgage payment, this is the most important step to closing on your home   About 45 days after closing, you will receive a reminder from Lori and Lindsay to file your exemptions. While you can do this online, we highly recommend that you go to your county auditors […]
Buying Set Up Utilities Before closing, you will want to call your utility companies and get them switched from the seller’s name to your name. As applicable, you will want to make sure electric, gas, water, trash and sewer are all taken care of. Some of these might be through one company, some of these you can do online, […]
Buying Find your dream home Find your Realtor – ✔️ Home Buyers Meeting – ✔️ Get Preapproved – ✔️ But it’s still not time to go look at houses. First, you and your realtor need to discuss your dream home. We need to figure out your needs (number of bedrooms, location, move-in ready, etc) and your wants (hardwoods, fenced in, […]
Buying Schedule a home buyers consult The home buying process can be long and arduous and it’s not something you do every day. Luckily for you, it is something the agents at Lori Flynn Realty do every day! Before you get started looking at homes, you should schedule a home buyers consult. At this meeting, your agent will take the time […]
Buying You want me to get a pre-what? Not sure if you’ve received a preapproval or a prequalification? The difference is in the details. With a prequalification, the lender has likely checked your credit, but used what they’ve been told to see what you might qualify for. With a pre-approval, the lender has gone deeper. In addition to verifying your credit, they are […]
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