Homeowner IT’S TIME TO CLEAN YOUR GARAGE   A garage is one of the easiest spaces in your home to let get unorganized and messy, one day you’ll walk in and wonder how it all happened. Take a second, breathe, and commit yourself to fixing this, it doesn’t have to be hard! First, you need to completely take everything that isn’t nailed […]
Homeowner THE IMPORTANCE OF EXTERIOR PAINTING I hate painting.  No, I’m not talking about Picasso’s “Guernica” or Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”.  I’m talking about being up on a ladder in the baking sun painting one of four sides of my house.  It’s tedious, expensive, and can be difficult.  But in reaction to this article, it’s extremely important. I still […]
Buying 8 Important Summer Home Improvement Tasks           Maintain your refrigerator To keep your refrigerator running efficiently in these hot months, you’ll want to vacuum and clean the condenser coils, defrost the freezer, and clean the seals around the door. Keep expanding wood from causing cracks Inspect the seals around your windows, roof, door frames, vents, ducts, and […]
Homeowner How to Prevent Water Damage to your Home Did you know that when 1″ of rain falls on a 2,000 square foot roof, 1,250 gallons of water pours from the roof? That’s a ton of water. Actually, that’s five tons of water. Now we claim no special expertise in math, but this is a pretty simple calculation – if the home has four downspouts, there […]
Buying Preparing Your Inspection Response After the inspection, you and your realtor will both review the inspection report. You will then work together to prepare your inspection response. In the response you will ask for items that you would like to seller to take care of prior to closing. Don’t forget, this is another point of negotiation throughout the homebuying […]
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